Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Radical Liberals Think

Having left the democratic party while still in college, I still had many liberal friends and therefore understood how their logic went whenever discussing politics. First of all I was, in their minds, of inferior intellect and therefore, could not grasp the superior logic of their views. Their view of me was justified, in their minds eye, because since I disagreed with them then I must be inferior and not able to understand their point of view. Since, I was young and dumb, I continued to argue my views with them and the result was always the same. The liberal would not discuss the reasons for their views but instead became angry and would start screaming, cursing, making references to my heritage and my intelligence, and in general display themselves as a complete dufus.

Several of my close liberal friends knew my grandfather and, therefore, knew that he spoke with a heavy Danish accent. I could always count on that fact being mentioned as if it was a reason for my inferior thinking skills. I learned that liberals could never justify their logic nor explain their views, but the important fact is I learned that you could not discuss anything with a liberal. I truly believe that they have a genetic defect or they are evil beyond understanding. As a result of this epiphany I then started to discuss anything and everything with them just so I could see them explode. I realized then that they were neither superior nor smarter than me or anyone else.

A close friend of mine, who was a true intellectual and smarter than most, made it his life's work during college to say the most extreme things when he was near these moronic liberals, and watch them have coronaries during discussions about the topic of the moment. Then they would stupidly engage Leroy in a discussion in which they had no possible chance of coming out ahead. The result would always be the same, the liberal would explode and curse and call my friend names and he would then give them this laugh and grin that said "you stupid moron". As a footnote; my friend gained a PHD in organic chemistry and went on to teach at a major university and probably still has fun at the expense of liberals and you just know he has ample fodder since most professors are liberals.

I learned much during college but the most important thing was that just because my grandfather was a LEGAL immigrant from Denmark and spoke with a heavy accent that I would be able to accomplish whatever I wanted. I also learned that I didn't need my liberal friends who usually told me my place in life. Seems that liberals are very good at building themselves up to be better than the rest of us. Apparently minorities, immigrants, and others have not learned this very important fact. As I said, I learned that most liberals are not intellectually capable of explaining their views; therefore they resort to name calling and other vile actions.

With my liberal background I have seen over and over how the liberal mind works and it does not vary much from episode to episode. First the liberal will tell you how to think about this or that and if you dare have a different view then the reason is very clear in their mind. You are incapable of logical discourse and inferior to them so there is no reason for further discussion. If you continue the very first thing that they will do is to become very belligerent and start to call you names to your face, sometimes they will do this part behind your back. Don't believe me them I encourage you to watch "liberal news media" or liberal blogs.

Liberals also love to shout to everyone who will listen that the reason people have views that are opposed to their own are because they are racists, etc., etc. You all have seen this mentality at work from liberals who really have no way to explain their point of view therefore, they always do what they do best become angry, call out names and behave like little children. Having been in education for over thirty years I know a little about childish behavior and the behavior of a liberal is an extremely close match to the behavior of children with the same level of thinking skills! If you have ever seen one liberal then you have seen them all because they all have the same genetic defect and show the same behaviors; there is other way for them to react.

The best reaction for the rest of us is laughter and just consider the source for these outbursts; i.e. liberals calling conservatives bigots, nazis, etc, etc. There are very few conservative cartoons that we can all enjoy for a good laugh; however, I have found one online at which showcases artwork by Zack Rawsthorne in a series of cartoons that uses predictable liberal views for a good laugh. You might also try to remember to keep calm and see the humor in the ridiculous statements that you read or hear in the daily lamestreet news media. Remember they do have an affliction that renders them laughable but nevertheless still dangerous and should never hold an elected office, therefore vote them out of office!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberal Game Plan

Conservatives need to adopt liberal tactics in order to change the views of the American people. Conservatives need to counter the negative message presented by the lame street media with a more positive staging. Liberals have for years and years presented a steady drumbeat that conservatives were less than human and conservatives have sat around crying foul and have done nothing to counteract this message.

The favorite liberal tactic is to launch a massage intimidation campaign against the advertisers of conservative media outlets. The liberal goal is to stop advertisers from advertising on certain programs. Progressive henchmen have taken this tactic to a new and disgusting level. Unions and other large groups of thugs have shown up on the doorsteps of those that they wish to intimidate! Intimidation is their favorite tool. Liberals constantly scream and carry on as if the world is about to end and the compliant media repeats word for word the liberal message!

These tactics are part of the liberal playbook and they use it often and in a variety of ways. Liberals will discredit anyone who speaks out in opposion to their agenda by comparing them to the lowest elements in society. Liberals will label them as murderers, uninformed, violent, racists, uneducated, Nazis, or members of the KKK! Have you ever noticed how every liberal parrots the same message and thought of the day! This is because they have a daily plan and no liberal is allowed to deviate from that plan.

The really ugly part of this tactic is the fact that the liberal lame street news media follows this same liberal tactical script. . You can see it daily in the news media when they assassinate anyone who disagrees with the liberal issue of the moment, some are worse than others but the message does get through!

A large number of the democratic rank and file falls for this message because they refuse to take a close look at anything. If they read or hear it in the news media or hear it from the democratic leadership then it must be true! They really believe that the party is for the common person because that is what they are told by their union bosses and party bosses, and we all know what pillars of society they are.

Conservatives must start to develop their own tactical playbook and they might want to copy some liberal tactics, such as, launching their own intimidation campaigns against the advertisers in the liberal news media. The Tea Party could be very effective using this tactic! Advertisers will react to these threats just like they do when democrats have used them in the past. When I was a democrat I was very aware of this tactic being used all the time however, when I left the democrats I never saw conservatives or independents use this tactic. Looks like we have arrived at a point in time where conservatives need to become activists or the thugs will win!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Radical Progressives!

As a recovering former democrat I really fail to understand why more democrats refuse to see the light and leave the party to become Independents. I guess they really believe that the party is for the common person in society. What a joke, the only thing that the party cares about are the votes, everything else is the cost of doing business. For example, democrats believe that they can get the female vote by supporting the woman's right to choose to have an abortion and it does not matter to them that on average there are about 1.5 million babies murdered each year, and to democrats it is only the cost of doing business. Democrats also believe that they can get the poor and working poor's vote by pouring money into their communities, however, democrats don't want them in their communities or schools. To the democrat elite this is only a cost of doing business and they are the first to leave for the suburbs and gated communities and private schools!

I have known many liberals who consider the poor, the uneducated, blacks and other minorities, and the handicapped as second class citizens. These liberals have a hated for anyone with different view or opinion than themselves and in general are very negative about everything around them! These liberals can sometimes be vindictive and very difficult to talk to or deal with. When I try to discuss any social topic with them and try to get them to understand a reality that they apparently can not grasp, they respond with the typical liberal response of name calling, getting angry, or some other form of violent outburst. As a result I have given up trying to discuss anything political or social because a liberal apparently has a genetic defect or a mental disorder. This is too bad since I still have many liberal friends who still believe the propaganda.

I understand the mentality of the progressive liberal democrats because they are the reason that I left the party. The radical progressives started taking over the democratic party back in the 1960's and now after 50 years there are NO common sense democrats left. In other words the democratic party is not the party of your father and grandfather. The NEW democrats came from the radicals who were involved in the Viet Nham protest violence who conned a large number of college students that their protests were all about freedom from Big Government. What they were really about was the destruction of the United States from within and the formation of Big Government with these radical progressives in charge!

Students like his Oneness Barak Obama became a firm believer in this doctrine and hid behind a cloak of secrecy to become elected to a government office. Now that the cat is out of the bag all of the slimy groups are now showing themselves and proudly holding up their posters and flags for all to see. You won't see this information coming from the Lame Street Media but you can find it on the internet by going to several liberal websites.

The radical progressive democrats have a game plan that they have used very successfully with the aid of the liberal news media. Tea Party activists should copy the radical's game plan and use it as a way to discredit and overcome the radicals and the compliant liberal news media. In the future I will try to explain some of the liberal propaganda methods that they have successfully used over the last 50 years. These methods were used when I was young and dumb and believed the democratic propaganda. Many of these devices are very simple and are not very difficult to use by a conscientious group such as the tea party.