Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS and the 99%

What is the real message being presented by the OWS? As I often say the devil is in the details because that is where chaos usually resides and that is where the devil can do his mischief! However, if we look deep into the core of OWS we can see the devil is very busy spreading more chaos.

When you separate out the chaos only then can you see that the core is really made up of anarchists, union leaders, progressives, marxists, socialists, communists, users and takers, and a small, small portion of college students without jobs or hope. Which is really ironic since these same students probably voter for HOPE AND CHANGE.

What is the message that America needs to take in? First they need to understand that there is no message other than the total destruction of the 50% of Americans who pay their taxes, earn a living and support the other 49% who do nothing but take whatever they can get. In short the message is that all will become members of the new “Amerika serfdom” ruled by the 1% rich proletariats and protected by “BigGov” and “Captain Zero”.

Why are they targeting the 1%? It makes great media news coverage and hides the real message of power and control over the 99%. If you listen to these Soros minions you will discover that they have no idea what it is all about; but they can follow orders. Where are these orders coming from? Check out the 1% who really is making money in the stock market because of all this chaos! I have seen reports that Soros and his “PARTNERS” are laughing as they take their wall street stock exchange remunerations to the bank! Besides the 1% are not influenced or affected by OWS because they live in a different realm that the OWS can never reach nor attain!

Mr. George Soros has stated repeatedly that he hates America and wants to destroy this great country. I really fail to understand why he is allowed to make money here to be used to set up a serfdom after he destroys us. Soros is behind many of the groups that are promoting OWS and since he owns the democrats they have jumped on the wagon at his request. However, many democrats are now realizing that maybe this will be used against then in their next election and are therefore, setting away from OWS.

The American people are beginning to change their view of the OWS movement. A recent poll shows an eleven point swing and now only 33% support the OWS movement! This change is based upon all the violence that the public is seeing at these OWS action centers in New York and California. The American public still does not understand what is at the core of the OWS movement therefore, it is up to conservative Independents and Republicans to educate them about this violent group!