Wednesday, November 25, 2009


America start thinking about what we can do to stop Obama’s train from completing its trip to destroy our country!!!!! There are many things that we can do as a nation. First and most important we can unite as concerned citizens and form groups that have as their main objective the goal of stopping the Obama train NOW!!!! We also must stop the formation of a 'BIG TENT' that will house conservatives with conservative or moderate democrats,because democrats will remain liberals no matter what tent you place them in!!!

I would urge you to start using Obama’s Community Organizers as a guide and use their tricks and traps against the socialists in our government. You can find information about these groups by going online to Search the website for these groups and learn about them and start forming your own community organizer groups to become activists and help take back our country!!! You can also watch Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel because he is going to show us how to organize, demonstrate and react in a way that will start the socialists heads spinning!!!! Glenn will use most of 2010 to set the stage for his “Plan To Take Back America” and he will have several meetings in cities across America. Finally, sometime in August in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial Glenn plans to stage a massive gathering of concerned citizens.

Citizens must come together and stop this Socialist Democratic Party from destroying our country. George Soros has taken over the Democratic Party and there are very few conservative democrats left. The radical liberals are not concerned about the middle class or the lower class or any class. They are only concerned about power and control and they will destroy America if they must in order to get what they want. It does not matter to them what the citizens want so it is up to us to get rid of them. If you need help in starting your groups please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. Several have already contacted me with requests for information. I am going to contact Glenn Beck to see if he can hold one of his upcoming meetings somewhere in the area and will let you know the results of that request. Check my website for future information.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just A Retired Thinker

Socialist Propaganda is now very evident on most T.V. News Shows. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, CNN, and even the Weather Channel are all following the socialist and liberal view and not even trying to hide this fact. It appears that they believe that the public masses can not think for themselves so they, the Main Street Media, are doing a public service by thinking for their viewers.

Apparently most,if not all, of the people who continue to watch these news sources need this information. However, this provides the liberal media with a means to exploit those who are not prepared to think for themselves. The American people must wake up and understand that what they are viewing is nothing more than social propaganda because only one view is presented and that is the liberal view!!! If you want to become informed about what is really happening I would urge you to view the Fox News Chanel or the Internet sites that I have posted on my web site at

The American people have to understand that those who write TV commercials are not the only experts with skills in perception management! These other experts all have a deep understanding of the methods of Social Propaganda and in today's world the liberals don't hesitate to use these skills. Everyone must understand that a persons perception of things around him/her is their reality. These Socialists are attempting to alter perceptions in order to change reality. If we don't stay alert then they will win and they will "Fundamentally change America". Have you heard this expression before?

Friday, November 6, 2009


November 6, 2009
Light At The End of the Tunnel?

Are we approaching a point in time where the American people are able to breathe easier about healthcare? Yes, but only if they continue to write letters, e-mail, or call their representatives in both houses of congress. If everyone decides that they can take a break and not continue with their current efforts then we will lose our battle to stop this hideous healthcare plan.

The Marxists will think that we have given up and continue with their efforts to pass this plan through congress! We can not stop right now, instead we must double our efforts because the moderate democrats believe that as a result of November 3rd’s election results they will also lose their reelection attempt’s if they vote for this plan! Unless seniors continue to make a loud noise then they will lose this battle and as a result will see huge cuts in Medicare!

The next battle will be to stop the cap and tax bill that congress is working on because that terrible bill will make our utility bills go up because all of the energy taxes will be passed on to consumers. The energy experts have predicted that these casts could go up 200 % and may go even higher! It seems as if these social democrats want to take us all down so they can lift up everyone to the same level and have control over everything in America. If you think things are bad now wait until the socialists get finished with us!!!!

Please check out the socialists that are planning our future for us at This group, led by George Soros, hates America and all that it stands for and wants to replace our Democracy with a Marxist Government!! Unless we get rid of all the social democrats in congress, then they will succeed in changing our form of government. These shadow groups have taken over most of the democratic party with the aid of George Soros’s billions of dollars.

Help keep America strong and free by checking out who the social democrats are and vote them all out of office. There are good and decent representatives that deserve your vote and will do a better job! This means that you must research each candidate to see if they are progressive in their thinking because that will alert you to a socialist candidate!!!!! You must also look at republican candidates as well because some of them are progressive in their thinking and we must not support them.