Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just A Retired Thinker

A recent Blog by B. York asks why democrats are pushing forward on healthcare when they know that it is not liked by the American people?

The question was put to a Democratic strategist who asked to remain anonymous. Yes, Democrats certainly understand that voters don't like the current bills, he said, and they are fully aware they will probably pay a price next year. But they have found a way to view going ahead anyway as the logical thing to do, at least in their eyes. He said that you have to look at the issue from three different Democratic perspectives: the House of Representatives, the White House and the Senate.

"In the House, the view of [California Rep. Henry] Waxman and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi is that we've waited two generations to get health care passed, and the 20 or 40 members of Congress who are going to lose their seats as a result are transitional players at best," he said. "This is something the party has wanted since Franklin Roosevelt." In this view, losses are just the price of doing something great and historic. (The strategist also noted that it's easy for Waxman and Pelosi to say that, since they come from safely liberal districts.)

"At the White House, the picture is slightly different," he continued. "Their view is, 'We're all in on this, totally committed, and we don't have to run for re-election next year. There will never be a better time to do it than now.'"

"And in the Senate, they look at the most vulnerable Democrats -- like [Christopher] Dodd and [Majority Leader Harry] Reid -- and say those vulnerabilities will probably not change whether health care reform passes or fails. So in that view, if they pass reform, Democrats will lose the same number of seats they were going to lose before."

All those scenarios have a certain logic (even if the Senate calculation undercounts the number of potentially vulnerable Democrats). But each scenario is premised on passing an unpopular bill that hurts the party. Even if there's a strategic rationale for doing it, why are Democrats dead-set on hurting themselves?

"Because they think they know what's best for the public," the strategist said. "They think the facts are being distorted and the public's being told a story that is not entirely true, and that they are in Congress to be leaders. And they are going to make the decision because ___dammit, it's good for the public."

Of course, going forward has turned out to be harder than many Democrats thought. And now, with various proposals lying wrecked along the road, the true believers are practicing what the strategist calls "principled damage control."

But still, does it make sense? In the end, perhaps the most compelling explanation for Democratic behavior is that they are simply in too deep to do anything else. "Once you've gone this far, what is the cost of failure?" asks the strategist.

At that point -- Republicans will love this -- he compared congressional Democrats with robbers who have passed the point of no return in deciding to hold up a bank. Whatever they do, they're guilty of something. "They're in the bank; they've got their guns out. They can run outside with no money, or they can stick it out, go through the gunfight, and get away with the money."

That's it. Democrats are all in. They're going through with it. Even if it kills them.

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Friday, December 4, 2009


December 4, 2009

Propaganda is in full mode by the Obama government and his henchmen, with the aid of the adoring liberal media who refuse to print the whole truth for the public. They are masterful in their various uses of propaganda. In order for America to understand what is going on citizens must become efficient in looking through the fog of propaganda to see the real story. Therefore, I am going to start printing on this web site a primer on Propaganda so that you will see the tricks that the Obama administration and the liberals in congress with the aid of the liberal news media are using to pull the wool over the publics eyes.

The Healthcare bill, cap and tax, and all the huge spending plans are all part of the big plan for America. This plan was stated by President Obama while campaigning for the office of president. During that time Obama stated that there would be a huge change for America and he is now attempting to put that plan into operation. However, a lot of that plan is hidden from view while vast amounts of propaganda is placed into the media so that citizens will be confused and under control while this plan is put into place by the liberal congress.

Citizens must stay alert because we will not recognize America after the socialists are finished with their plan!!! We must get out the vote in 2010 and make sure that the socialist democrats are not in office after we all vote. This means that we have to organize groups and educate ourselves about the various techniques of propaganda and use these along with the techniques that were used by the community organizers.

Tea party groups are meeting in our city watch the paper for those meetings and make plans to attend. Remember if we set and do nothing then we will not win this battle for our country. The socialists have the means to turn this country into a modern day serfdom so make plans to get out the vote in 2010. Please contact me if you need help and tell people to check my web site.