Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tea Party Candidates for the Senate

The 2012 Tea Party Candidates for the Senate will determine who controls Congress after the election in November! The Tea Party has made an effort to force any potential Republican in the senate to take a very hardline stance on reducing the debt, taxes, and spending. The "old Republican guard" have been put on notice that they can be replaced.

In a previous blog I asked what each conservative could do to change the course of this great nation and if your answer was to do nothing then that is what you will get because the democrats have a plan to make everyone beholden to "Big Gov". They are almost there with 49% of the population in the "giveme" state and they will vote for more and more until there is no more to give them and then chaos will begin just as it has in Europe!  

So we are back to the question "What will you be able to do?" I hope that the answer is that you will promote conservative issues with friends, family, and co-workers and make sure that they all vote. If we all get behind the Tea Party candidates then we can stop this liberal/marxist democratic party from winning and reinstate conservative values. It is up to you!


Watch the video for the best line from a movie!

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