Thursday, August 9, 2012

HealthCare and Medicare

The current Health Care plan is not supported by a large majority of the American people. In fact some polls have over 60% of those contacted against this horrible plan. Because of many of the changes hidden in the plan the elderly are going to be hurt the most, since several changes are in the Medicare portion of the plan.

The head of a conservative senior citizens group says the current healthcare plan developed by liberal and moderate Senate Democrats is one of the most "cockamamie" ideas he's heard come down the pike in his 40 years in Washington. The so-called "compromise" that Senate Democrats wove together on a government health insurance plan not only allows people 55 and up to "buy in" to Medicare, but also increases the number of Americans eligible for the Medicaid entitlement program.

This is the way "Big Gov" plans to save over $500 Billion dollars. The plan is to push half of the members that are currently in Medicare over to Medicaid, which we all know is a way to get rid of a huge liability and give it to the states.

The bill also offers nonprofit health plans run by the federal Office of Personnel Management under the director , which in my opinion is a political code words for government option. Check out the Propaganda section on my web site You might also like to know that director Barry is the highest profile openly homosexual official in the Obama administration, and a staunch opponent of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Jim Martin, president of the 60 Plus Association, says the bill is an "insult on top on an insult" to current senior citizens -- and questions the practicality of the proposal. "How in the world are you going to cut $500 billion out of Medicare, add 31 million uninsured...and then all of a sudden they say, 'Here's another novel idea -- why don't we expand Medicare and Medicaid to the soon-to-be seniors, those so-called baby boomers?'" he asks. "Now how in the world are you going to add on another 15 or 20 million? There's 78 million baby boomers on the horizon." Martin says putting more people in Medicare "won't improve care for seniors, it just makes the lines longer."

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